The F Words with Taylor and Natasha

Welcome to the F words with Taylor Kaye and Natasha Koifman. All fun things start with the letter "F". Fashion, Film, Food, Fun, Family....we could go on. Join the ladies on their weekly lifestyle podcast. It's released every Tuesday at 9:30 am.
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Sep 27, 2016

Do you think Social Media is killing privacy? We all like to share our "worlds" but when is it too much? Have you been looking for a job? Guess what your employer and the HR department have creeped you! Are you over sharing? Are you under sharing and it's affecting your business, your brand or your family!? Listen to Taylor and Natasha as they ask the question is social media killing privacy? Let us know your thoughts below AND because the ladies are so social you can tweet them to! PS those tweets won't be private!


Natasha @natashankpr

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Tk and NK

Sep 20, 2016

Taylor Kaye and Natasha Koifman host the F words podcast. When you think about it all fun things start with F! Family, Fashion, Fun, Film, Fitness even Fear is a great "F" word. You gotta take risks in life to get ahead and that's where "Fear" might come in. However, if you don't take the risk are you settling in life? Are you settling with your job? 

TK and Nk want to know are you settling in life? Listen to their first " F Words Episode"!

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TK and NK 

Natasha @natashankpr

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