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Welcome to the F words with Taylor Kaye and Natasha Koifman. All fun things start with the letter "F". Fashion, Film, Food, Fun, Family....we could go on. Join the ladies on their weekly lifestyle podcast. It's released every Tuesday at 9:30 am.
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Jan 24, 2017

This week NK and Tk ask the question can you stay friends with your EX? Yes we understand when kids are involved. But what if there are no kids AND even if you have kids do you really need to stay friends with your EX. You can be pleasant with them but do you really need to be their friend?

Can you stay friends with you Ex? Have you! We would love to know your thoughts.


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Jan 18, 2017

Are you working at your dream job? How can you get your dream job? Natasha and Taylor on the F words give you advice on how to get to that point. Stop looking at social media! Don't compare yourself to anyone! Just get out there and do it! Make mistakes! 


Let NK and TK are you looking for your dream job or maybe you have some tips?! Share with Natasha and Taylor



Jan 10, 2017

This week NK and TK are talking about branding yourself. NK gets asked this question all the time. Is everyone a brand? Do feel you're a brand on social media? OR maybe you're considering getting off social  media completely is that a good idea? Listen to this week's episode of The F Words. Keep the discussion going you can tweet to the ladies! 

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Jan 2, 2017

How did 2016 treat you? Doesn't matter now it's a new year! Taylor and Natasha reveal what their New Year resolutions are. Oh and finally we convinced NK's boyfriend Anthony to join the podcast! What are your New Year resolutions? Do you plan any? Let us know


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Happy 2017!