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Welcome to the F words with Taylor Kaye and Natasha Koifman. All fun things start with the letter "F". Fashion, Film, Food, Fun, Family....we could go on. Join the ladies on their weekly lifestyle podcast. It's released every Tuesday at 9:30 am.
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Dec 27, 2016

Natasha and Taylor discuss 2016! Was it a good year or bad year for you? It definitely was a bad year for music. We lost Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Prince and this podcast was pretaped so NK and TK were unable to mention the loss of George Michael on Christmas Day. What about politics? Oh yes you can go there! Let us know how your year was!? AND if it was not good no worries a new year is around the corner!



TK and NK




Dec 20, 2016

Natasha and Taylor are counting down the days til the holidays. However, Taylor is counting down when it will be done! Instead of Inlaws Taylor has Outlaws! How do you survive the holidays with difficult family members!? Listen to the F Words and let us know your tips and tricks! 


Natasha @natashankpr

Taylor @taylor_kaye

Dec 13, 2016

This week Natasha and Taylor dive into the  art of gift giving! What are your gift giving traditions? Kris Kringle, White Elephant? Are you that person that says to your partner don't get me anything I don't need anything! BUT you secretly want a gift! Also, find out Taylor's # 1 go to gift when she's invited to Kris Kringle parties. It's not a candle! It requires batteries! 


Listen to the F Words and TK and Nk's Gift Giving traditions and share yours below

Natastha @natashankpr

Taylor @ taylor_kaye 


Happy Almost Holidays! 

Dec 6, 2016

Oh the office Holiday parties. Natasha and Taylor discuss hooking up at the annual Christmas party! You get a little braver after that 4th tequila shot! Do you think it s Ok to have that one night stand with a co worker at the party. Let NK and TK know